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From the moment Oli walked in the door our 9 month old Bull Terrier was just a different dog. Oli taught us that it wasn't Winston that needed training it was us. He showed us different techniques for everything such as calming Winston down, walking, recall and approaching other dogs. He also offered great advice on health and diet. We have always owned dogs (staffies, labs, huskies) but we basically had to change our whole dog training approach. Oli was also a pleasure to have in our home, he travelled from Sussex to Newcastle to help us as local trainers did not seem to have any knowledge of the Bull Terrier breed.

2 weeks on and Winston is now an absolute pleasure to be around. Our daughter can now walk him on her own and our home is a much calmer and happier place.

We cannot recommend and thank A Star Dog Behaviour enough because without their help we were considering rehoming Winston which now would never happen.


The Williams Family, Newcastle

Hi Oli. I just want to say a big thank you for your time and sound advice you have given us In the last few months. We took all 3 dogs over to an Absolute bully walk. And all behaved well... Keeley has got a lot more confident with Bella since seeing you last.
I am also now returning Costa to her bed once she has been for a wee in the middle of the night and now only getting up once a night instead of 3 so finally getting a happy household again.

Jenny, Kent

Just want to say thank you Oli. You gave me a huge amount of confidence with managing vinnie. Slip lead has been purchased and Phil has already used it twice. I had two incidents whilst out walking and managed to stop, calm him down and then continue our walk.

Kat, Hampshire

Would really like to publicly thank you for helping me with Lulu and Reggie. We still have a way to go, but the difference is fantastic. I am able to walk Lulu again without her pulling my shoulder out! Even my 80+ year old mum said she was so much calmer! Reg is also better, we have already progressed to letting them both off together with great recall! Thanks Oli, you have my recommendation!

Karen, Northampton

Geno stayed with Oli and Samantha to learn some new manners, how to socialise better with other dogs, as well as get some training on how to behave around livestock.

Oli really taught us how to take control of a situation with a sense of authority - we're a bit soft on Geno and he takes it for granted of course, so it has been really helpful to know how to enforce good behaviour by being 'leaders of the pack'.

He also had a bad ear condition that had been taking ages to clear up but as Sam is a veterinary nurse, she knew exactly what to do and his ears are better than ever! Can't thank these guys enough, it's the start of the journey for us as Bully owners and we've loads more to learn but it's a comfort to know we can ask Oli and Sam for advice on what to do next! We'll be seeing you again! Thanks so much x


Jennifer, London

Hi Oli, i just want to say a huge thanks to you for all your help with Taz (Staffie cross)!! I've been taking him out in the busy places and we have a slight steps hey!!


To everyone else: after 2 behaviourists washing their hands I had a session with him and my aggressive dog on saturday. Not only is Oli a fantastic handler he expained things truthfully and very clearly, he gave me pointers with how to handle my difficult dog in all situations. As if like magic he changed my dogs behaviour in minutes, which I though was impossible and I am in awe of his ability. Will deffinitely be using him in the future....thanks again Oli.


Gemma, Wiltshire

We contacted Oli a few weeks ago because we were finding our 11 month old English bull terrier, Norman, hard work......some days we could put it down to exuberance......other days we'd be at our wits end and wonder how having a dog ever seemed like a good idea!!


Norman is our 2nd bullterrier, so we felt well qualified to get another. We have always loved the breed. Anyone who has had the pleasure of one as a family pet would understand that they are not for the faint hearted! They have huge characters and are so comical. The flip side of that is that are really stubborn and determined and and love to get into mischief.


I really wanted someone who understood the breed to help us and feel very lucky to have found Oli. Norman was affecting our day to day life in a negative way, running off, chewing furniture, jumping up, nipping....I could go on! I thought that no one could help really, but we had to give it a shot.


Oli has such a great attitude.......Norman almost immediately worked out that his usual greeting ritual wasn't what Oli wanted and to our amazement he became calmer and more submissive before our very eyes! Oli was with us for the day. He gave us great advice about how to work with his running off.......and in the two weeks that have passed since seeing him, Norman is staying with us all the time. Which is unbelievable. He pulls so much less too. Just small changes and a shift in our attitude have made such a huge difference to us. Norman loved him. We are so grateful to him, because, although we are experienced dog owners, we found Norman's behaviour particularly challenging and Oli showed us how to control what happens in a way that Norman will respond to.


It's not easy to ask for help.........but we couldn't have asked a nicer guy to help us. Thank you Oli, you've made the world of difference to our family!!


Mrs Gilby, Kent

I haven't owned Bull Terriers long - I adopted Sammy (bitch) in November 2012 when she was 2-3 years old and rescued Boomer (dog) as a pup in February 2013.
I think our main problem was always thinking something was always going to happen. Boomer had attacked Sammy a handful of times and had caused puncture wounds. My partner and I were always on edge thinking something was going to happen (I now realise that this didn't help things). It got to the point where Boomer was being muzzled if I wanted both dogs out or one would be in their crate whilst the other was out and vice versa. Both myself and my partner used the excuse of "he's only a puppy" far too many times before I said "enough is enough we need help." 

I contacted Oli in November 2013 (Sammy 3-4years, Boomer 11months) via email and explained the situation with my dogs whereby Boomer would lunge and try to attack Sammy if they were both out and I was sitting on the sofa so I always ended up crating Boomer etc. He said that the situation sounded like resource guarding and that it could be corrected.

30th November - The day our lives changed for the better
Oli came to see what he could do with Boomer and Sammy. Straight away Boomer was all over Oli jumping up and doing what puppies do. He calmed down really quickly before our eyes and then Oli made a fuss (result number 1 - and a lesson learnt). Then over the next few hours Oli had both Sammy and Boomer on the sofa (either side of him with no lunging! result number 2!) and explained that Sammy was very anxious when Boomer was around so we had to build her confidence and not allow her to just sit in her crate whilst Boomer was out. Boomer was reacting to Sammy beause he was resource guarding what he thought was his (me and my partner). Oli showed us how to deal with the situation and how to prevent any unwanted behaviour. He also told us that we had to remain calm as dogs can sense emotions and will react to them. 

This is not a simple thing that can be fixed over night but we are taking little steps to build Sammy's confidence and to make Boomer realise that we are in charge, not him. We are continuing the training and I'm happy to say that we are getting there! There are less incidents and we are able to control them and difuse them quickly and even prevent them by watching out for the signs. Sammy is gaining confidence being around Boomer and now feels happy enough to be out of her crate for longer periods of time. We are also remaining calm and the atmosphere at home is so much happier and harmonious as a result.

Result number 3 came when I explained that Boomer pulls like a steam train on his lead. With a few corrections this has now been rectified and Boomer does not pull after the correction is given - once again it is on going training not a quick fix though it does have an immediate effect.

Oli also gave us tips to use when introducing another dog (In stepped Cassie, Oli's own dog and what a fantastic dog she is) which is always a good thing to know.

I cannot thank Oli enough for helping us to restore harmony in the household and making everyone happy again. Without his help I'd still be seperating my time with both dogs by crating them and have a tense atmosphere instead of being able to relax with both my dogs. 

Thank you so much Oli

Vicki, Martin, Sammy and Boomer (A very happy household again), Essex

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