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Having a bit of trouble with your bullie? Take 'The Incredible Journey'...don't just put up with it and be a 'Bodger' (do you like what we did there?)

As mentioned previously, Oli started behavioural work whilst helping to train and rehabilitate the rescue dogs that were coming into his mother's rescue at an increasing rate, and Bull Terriers (as well as other Bull Breeds) made up a large proportion of the dogs being handed over to the rescue, many of which came in with behavioural issues including but not limited to; anxiety based issues, both dog and human aggression, prey drive, resource guarding and food aggression. 


We find the unique challenges of working with Bull Terriers particularly rewarding - we just love their personalities, they really are a unique breed! Bull Terriers can be extremely stubborn like no other breed (if you are reading this you will know exactly what we mean) a bit like Oli - being a Taurus - there must be a connection there somewhere! So, you have to adopt a particular approach and attitude towards working with their issues that can differ from when working with other breeds - you will only get the intended response from a Bullie by speaking their 'language'. It is no good merely asking a Bull Terrier to do something...a command doesn't end in a question mark! Give them an inch and they will take a full mile, which is why we adopt a balanced approach to training, offering both reward for good/wanted behaviours, and correction for unwanted behaviours. 

Although Bullies all posess a lot of the same quirky characteristics, each dog is an individual and must be treated as such. As with any breed you get personalities at both ends of the spectrum - from the entirely robust, sometimes annoyingly headstrong dog that doesn't bat an eyelid at anything, to the intraverted and shy dog with a nervous disposition and submissive nature. Different natures and characters require the use of different handling techniques to get the best out of the dog, though the determined mindset and approach to solving the issue(s) one must adopt is always the same. 


It's been a steep learning curve ever since starting work in rescue, constantly re-evaluating different methods and techniques to maximise their effects. Oli was very surprised at how everything came so naturally to him and with such positive results. We've learned an awful lot from just observing the behaviours of Bull Terriers, as well as all the help we've received from experienced family members, and other professionals over the years. We want to impart our knowledge onto Bullie owners to help you get the best out of your dog!


We've naturally built a real affinity with this breed, and having 4 of our own plus a long term foster, also helps! 

Whatever issues you are experiencing with your Bull Terrier, we can help. Drop us an Email or give us a call to discuss your problems. We've worked with clients from Devon to East Anglia to Cumbria and Yorkshire, so travel is no issue!

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