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About us

Oli and Sam are a husband-and-wife team.


Oli's experience of working with dogs started at a young age as his mother runs Arundawn Dog Rescue outside Horsham, as well as always having our own family dogs of course.


Increasingly dogs started coming into the rescue with behavioural issues that needed correcting before they were ready for rehoming. Working alongside other behaviourists Oli quickly found that he had an aptitude for successfully correcting various behavioural issues and rehabilitating the dogs - dealing with problems including resource guarding, dog aggression and anxiety issues. He found working with these dogs a highly enjoyable challenge, and extremely rewarding. After gaining a lot of valuable experience in rescue and with people increasingly asking for his help he decided to take things one step further by setting up A* Dog Behaviour, to use his experience and skill set to help owners before they reach the point of no return, feeling there is no other option than to rehome their beloved pet, or worse! Oli and Sam work closely with various dog rescue organisations - there are links to the main two on the links page.


Samantha is a Registered Veterinary Nurse, working at the well known 'Supervet' of Channel 4 fame - Fitzpatrick referrals in Eashing. She takes a great interest in dog behaviour, has a natural talent for obedience training taking on most of our puppy clients, and has great success training deaf dogs also. She helps clients on weekends and during her spare time when she's not pre-occupied with nursing work or looking after our young daughter.

Along with Sam's veterinary knowledge, our combined skills and experience really compliment each other, giving us the ability to advise and work with most behavioural, training and dietary issues that owners are likely to face, as well as certain basic medical issues such as skin conditions.


We have experience working with many breeds, from JRT's to GSD's, and thoroughly enjoy it all, but our true love is working with Bull Breeds, especially Bull Terriers with which we have a natural understanding of the breed's behavioural characteristics, that not many behaviourists can claim to possess.


When our home was at its busiest we had 9 of our own dogs (plus our daughter). Our pack included; 6 Bull Terriers, a French Bulldog, an American Bulldog crossbreed and a Labrador x Spaniel.

With the very sad passing of two of our Bull Terriers in quick succession at the end of 2016; our deaf bull terrier Alfie on 24/10, and our Oliver from Absolute Bull Terrier rescue, who had severe DCM (a heart condition) on 27/11, we currently have 8 dogs in our family, after taking on a fox-red Labrador Retriever to train as a  competing working test/gundog at the beginning of 2017.

All of our services are fully insured.


Thank you for taking the time to look through our website!


Oli & Sam


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